Vesta: 90S 000EW South Pole, Veneneia, Rheasilvia

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Scale: 1 pixel = 600 meters. 10-degree grid;             Oblique Mercator Projection, Center 90S, Horizontal Axis 90E-90W, 00 Longitude at bottom

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The topographic map is a reprojection of NASA's equirectangular global map. Digital topographic data is not presently available. NASA released data briefly and then withdrew it. Hopefully it will be re-released once NASA and the IAU get done with their poo-flinging contest over coordinate systems.

Colors range from purple for low elevations and white for highest. The lowest elevation is about 22 km below the mean radius and highest is 19 km above. The transition from green to light blue marks zero (mean) elevation


Structual features are shown as follows:


Notes and References

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Created 27 January 2015, Last Update 19 January 2020