Global and Planetary Geologic Map Index

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

10 km/pixel

One problem with almost all "world" atlases is they never have maps covering the entire earth at a common scale. These maps cover the entire ocean floor at a scale of one pixel = 10 kilometers. Coordinates denote the center of each map

Ocean Floor Geology

Arctic Ocean 90N 90E
North Atlantic Ocean 45N 40W
Northwest Pacific Ocean 30N 160E
Central North Pacific Ocean 45N 170W
Northeast Pacific Ocean 45N 140w
Equatorial Atlantic Ocean 0NS 25W
Equatorial Indian Ocean 0ns 76E
Equatorial West Pacific Ocean 10n 155E
Equatorial Central Pacific Ocean 0ns 180eW
Equatorial East Pacific Ocean 0ns 109E
South Atlantic Ocean 50s 20w
Southwest Indian Ocean 45s 30e
South Indian Ocean 45s 80e
Southeast Indian Ocean 45s 130e
Southwest Pacific Ocean 50s 180e
South Pacific Ocean 50s 120w
Southeast Pacific Ocean and Scotia Sea 50s 70w
Southern Ocean 90s 0eW

Continental Geology

North America
Canada 70n 90w
USA 40n 100w
Central America 20n 80w
South America
Europe 50n 20e
Siberia 60n 90e
Kolyma 60n 150e
Middle East 30n 50e
India 30n 80e
China 40n 100e
Indonesia 10n 130e

Plate Margin Strip Maps (Varied Scales)

Atlantic Ocean (Transverse Mercator 30w)
North Pacific Rim (Oblique Mercator)

5 km/pixel

Titles designate some conspicuous feature and are not exhaustive or exclusive. Coordinates designate the center of each map.

Northwest Europe and Iceland: 60n 00eW
The Urals: 60n 60e
Eastern Siberia: 60n 120e
Kamchatka and Bering Strait: 60n 180eW
Northwest Canada 60n 120w
Labrador and Davis Strait: 60n 60w

Eastern Europe and Turkey: 45n 30e
Mongolia: 45n 90e
Japan and Kamchatka: 45n 150e
Gulf of Alaska: 45n 150w
USA and Canada: 45n 90w
North Atlantic Ocean: 45n 30w

Northwest Africa and Spain: 30n 00eW
Egypt and the Levant: 30n 30e
Iran: 30n 60e
Tibetan Plateau: 30n 90e
China, Korea and Japan 30n 120e
Japan and West Central Pacific: 30n 150e
Emperor Seamount Chain: 30n 180eW
Hawaii: 30n 150w
Gulf of California and San Andreas Fault: 30n 120w
Southeast U.S. and Gulf of Mexico: 30n 90w
Eastern U.S. and Western North Atlantic 30n 60w:
Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Eastern North Atlantic: 30n 30w

Gulf of Guinea: 00ns 00eW
Equatorial Africa: 00ns 30e
Northwest Indian Ocean: 00ns 60e
Northeast Indian Ocean: 00ns 90e
Indonesia: 00ns 120e
New Guinea and Southwest Pacific: 00ns 150e
South Central Pacific Ocean: 00ns 180eW
Polynesia: 00ns 150w
Central East Pacific Rise: 00ns 120w
Cocos Ridge and Northern Andes: 00ns 90w
Amazon Basin: 00ns 60w
South America - Africa Transform: 00ns 20w

Southeast South Atlantic: 30s 00eW
South Africa and Madagascar: 30s 30e
Indian Ocean Triple Junction: 30s 60e
East-Central Indian Ocean: 30s 90e
Western Australia: 30s 120e
Eastern Australia and Tasman Sea: 30s 150e
Fiji and Tonga Trench: 30s 180eW
South Central Pacific Ocean: 30s 150w
Southern East Pacific Rise: 30s 120w
Southern Nazca Plate: 30s 90w
Southern Brazil and Northern Argentina: 30s 60w
Western South Atlantic: 30s 30w

Africa-Antarctic Ridge: 45s 30e
Western India-Antarctic Ridge: 45s 90e
Tasmania and Southern New Zealand: 45s 150e
Nothin' But Water: 45s 150w
Nazca-Antarctic Ridge and Patagonia: 45s 90w
Southwest South Atlantic Ocean: 45s 30w

South America-Africa-Antarctica Triple Junction: 60ns 00eW
Kerguelen Plateau: 60s 60e
Australia-Antarctic Ridge: 60s 120e
New Zealand-Antarctic Ridge: 60s 180eW
Southern East Pacific Rise: 60s 120w
Southern Andes and Antarctic Peninsula: 60s 60w

Planetary Geologic Maps

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