Khobar and the Move to Jubail, february 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Would You Let These Men Guard Your Country?

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gwh205g.jpg (168593 bytes) Above: Gene Jakubenas (Left), Gene Jakubenas and Bob Anderson (Right)
Left: Yours truly

Khobar Towers

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A Look At the Country 10 feb 1991

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gwh210a.jpg (34694 bytes)

Recon to Al Jubail 12 feb 1991

Patriot Batteries Guarding Dhahran Airport

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gwh212j.jpg (35105 bytes)

On the Road

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Sabkhas (Persian Gulf Salt Flats)

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Sand Dunes

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And Why We're Here - A Pipeline

gwh212c.jpg (50693 bytes)

Desalination Plants at Ras Tanurah

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The Huge Jubail Refinery

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