Al Jubail, february 12-28, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

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Jackpine the Combat Carpenter (AKA SSG Jeff Poh)

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MAJ Bob Johanson Makes A Fashion Statement (Our First Desert BDU's)

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Family Reunion

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SFC Doug McLaughlin, who is married to my wife's cousin, was also in a Civil Affairs unit and was attached to the Marines in Jubail. We managed to get together one evening.

The Mosque

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A Briefing by an Eyewitness

The young woman, whose name I unfortunately don't have, was a Kuwaiti Airlines stewardess who was hidden for a couple of months by her Kuwaiti friends before finally being able to leave Kuwait.
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First Glimpse of the Oil Smoke, 23 february 1991

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A strange dark gray sky, yet cloudless, was our first introduction to the oil fires. It was also quite chilly, bringing uncomfortable reminders of the "nuclear winter" controversy that was current at that time.

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