Convoy to Kuwait, 28 february, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Desert Storm Was Literally Fought in a Desert Storm

It rained throughout much of the ground war.

gwh228b.jpg (57307 bytes)

Fueling Up

View of the Gulf Near the Fuel Point

gwh228f.jpg (40318 bytes)

Long Lines at the Pump

gwh228a.jpg (58236 bytes) gwh228g.jpg (80312 bytes)

Bedouins Next Door

gwh228h.jpg (71190 bytes) gwh228i.jpg (59455 bytes)

I Coulda Sworn Kuwait Was Around Here Someplace

The convoy commander took a wrong turn down a dead-end road.

gwh228m.jpg (42264 bytes)

Distant views of the Gulf in one direction.

gwh228j.jpg (36081 bytes) gwh228l.jpg (37603 bytes)

And Lots of Sand in the other.

gwh228k.jpg (34290 bytes)

Talk about meeting yourself coming and going!

gwh228c.jpg (39214 bytes)

On The Road Again (The Right One, This Time)

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