First Day in Kuwait, March 1, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Welcome to Kuwait

0330 on March 1, 1991. That's not approaching dawn lighting the sky.

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Setting Up Shop

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The guys in the somewhat irregular uniforms below are Kuwaiti volunteers and interpreters.

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Relics of the Former Occupants

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First Look at the Burning Wells

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Out and About in Kuwait

First meetings with the Kuwaitis

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The biggest guy in the unit, SSG Don Hanson, links up with some of the smallest people in Kuwait!

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It's not hard to figure this out. Someone was sniping from a corner window and got taken out by a tank. I passed this building dozens of times but, to conserve film (I sure wish I had my digital camera back then!) only took one picture. I didn't find out until after I got back that it was blurred.

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The Kuwaitis wasted no time in eradicating reminders of Saddam Hussein.

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Night Views From the Wall of Camp Freedom

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