Science, pseudoscience, and Irrationalism

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

What's Here and Not Here, And Why

Things on this site generally fit one of the following criteria:

Although there is plenty of pseudoscience related to medical fads, diets, and the paranormal, I don't deal with them much because they are outside my formal training.

There are certain things I don't put here because this is a site hosted by a public institution

Essays that fall into the excluded categories are off-site at


Every so often I get e-mails from people complaining I don't treat these topics or their believers with respect.

There is nothing in crank movements worthy of respect.

First of all, cranks don't treat the orthodox with respect. They can accuse science of willfully neglecting or falsifying evidence. They can accuse their own nation of bringing down skyscrapers and causing thousands of deaths, or deliberately breaching levees to flood New Orleans, but aim a little critical language at them, and they howl about being "disrespected." Aww, poo' baby.

They're right. I do disrespect them.

Then there's the sheer waste of it all. Cities are increasingly privatizing their public libraries, but there always seems to be money to support crackpot movements. We can't drum up enthusiasm for space travel but we can hold conventions as Roswell to commemorate UFO's. These people are parasites. They do nothing to advance real learning in our society and drain resources into crank movements that will never benefit anyone except charlatans.

Respect? Take it to someone who cares.

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