Bear Mountain Lookout

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Major Elevations in the Black hills

Peak Elev. Feet Elev. Meters
Harney Peak 7242 2207
Odakota Mountain 7200+ 2195+
Bear Mountain 7172 2186
Crooks Tower 7137 2175
Terry Peak 7071 2155
Crows Nest Peak 7048 2148
Sylvan Hill 7000 2134
Flag Mountain 6937 2114
Laird Peak 6905 2105
Custer Peak 6804 2074
Cement Ridge 6674 2034
Weston County High Point 6620+ 2018+
Inyan Kara Mountain 6368 1941
Mount Rushmore 5725 1745
Rankin Ridge 5013 1528

Location and Geologic Maps

Although Bear Mountain Lookout is only a little (70 feet) below Harney Peak in elevation, the western half of the Black hillsare covered with Paleozoic sedimentary rocks with a very gentle westerly dip and the topography is a high plateau with moderate relief. An easy if remote road leads to the lookout.
This view northward shows the Paha Sapa escarpment on the horizon.
Looking east toward Harney Peak
Looking south along the Paha Sapa escarpment.
Looking east toward the Needles and Crazy Horse scupture.
Views of Harney Peak
Looking southeast toward Mount Coolidge
View west down the Paleozoic dip slope.
Back country views north of Bear Mountain.

Below: 360-degree panorama from Bear Mountain Lookout, starting with Harney Peak on the east (left).

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Created 15 January 2005, Last Update 06 June 2020