Environmental Science Notes and Visual Aids

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Power Point and Photographic Slides

Please Note: Not all slides or figures are presented. Slides and figures from outside sources that may present copyright problems are not available here. Slides may not match the order presented in class. Also, several slides may be combined into one image. Do not attempt to print these pages - you will consume a lot of cartridges and paper for no purpose.

Dates Lecture Topic Notes PowerPoint Slides
Part I Principles
Sep. 6-9 Basic Concepts
About College and Science
Who Are These People and Why Are They Messing With My Mind??
Memorizing Versus Remembering
General Student Responsibilities
How to Learn Facts
Beyond Index Cards
Taking Multiple Choice Tests
Chapter 1: Understanding Our Environment
Chapter 2: Science And Systems
Sep. 12-16 Matter and Energy Nitrogen
Chapter 3: Matter, Energy, And Life
Chapter 4: Evolution,  Biological Communities, and Species Interactions
Practice Quiz 1
Sep. 19-23 Living Systems Predation and Parasitism
Life History Strategies
Population Models
Chapter5: Biomes: Global Patterns of Life
Chapter6: Population Biology
Part II People in the Environment Exam Bank 2: People in the Environment  
Sep. 26-30 Human Population Human Population Chapter 7: Human Populations
Oct. 3-7 Environmental Health   Chapter 8: Pathogens and Toxins
Radiation Hazards
Oct. 10-14 Food Soils
Food Webs I
Food Webs II
Chapter9: Food
Chapter10: Agriculture
Plant and Animal Domestication
Oct. 14 Exam I    
Part III Managing Living Systems  
Oct. 17-21 Biodiversity Overview of Earth History
Evolutionary Processes
Island Biogeography 1
Island Biogeography 2
Where have the songbirds gone?
Chapter 11: Biodiversity and Extinction
Chapter12: Preserving Landscapes
Oct. 24-28 Restoring Ecosystems   Chapter13: Restoration Ecology
Part IV Physical Resources  
Oct. 31- Nov. 4 Geologic Resources How the Earth Works
Plate Tectonics
Geologic Processes
Chapter14: Geologic Resources and Hazards
Nov. 7-11 Air and Climate Climate and Atmospheric Processes
Basic Properties of the Atmosphere
Climate and Climate Change
Chapter15: Atmosphere and Climate Change
Chapter16:Air Pollution
Nov. 14-18, 21 Water Water Chapter 17: Water Use and Management
Chapter18: Water Pollution
Nov. 21 Exam II    
Nov. 24-27 Thanksgiving    
Part V Issues and Policy Exam Bank 5: Issues and Policy:  
Nov. 28-Dec. 2 Energy   Chapter 19: Conventional Energy
Energy Resources
Chapter 20: Sustainable Energy
Dec. 5-9 Sustainability   Chapter 21: Solid, Toxic and Hazardous Waste
Chapter 22: Urbanization and Sustainable Cities
Dec. 12-14 Policy Statistics and Risk
Cloning and Bio-Engineering
Chapter23: Ecological Economics
Chapter24: Environmental Policy, Law, and Planning
Chapter25: What Shall We Do?

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