Ceres: Geologic Map Index

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

There are as yet no detailed geologic data for Ceres.

Hemispheric Maps

Small Scale Maps (1 km/pixel)

Ceres: North Pole 90N000E

Ceres: Begbalel, Duginavi 40N 000E
Ceres: Vinotorius 40N 090E
Ceres: Ezinu 40N 180E
Ceres: Occator, Geshtin 40N 090W

Ceres: Rongo 00NS 000E
Ceres: Gaue, Kerwan 00NS 090E
Ceres: Kumitoga, Nawish 00NS 180E
Ceres: Kirnis, Occator 00NS 090W

Ceres: Tibong, Belun 40S 000E
Ceres: Darzamat 40S 090E
Ceres: Fluusa 40S 180E
Ceres: Urvara 40S 090W

Ceres: South Pole 90S 000E

Notes and References

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Created 11 April 2014, Last Update 24 May 2020