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Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, Universityof Wisconsin - Green Bay

Regional Maps

These maps look superficially like perspective views of the Moon but are actually azimuthal equal area projection, which in principle can show the entire Moon. However, distortion becomes very severe close to the antipode, so these maps use a cutoff of 150 degrees. Therefore, they show considerably more than half the Moon - roughly 5/6.

Eastern Limb of the Moon 00NS 090E
Far Side 00NS 180EW
Near Side Maria 20N 000EW
Orientale Basin 20S 095W
Southern Highlands 40S 000EW
South Pole-Aitken Basin 55S 160W
North Pole 90N 000EW
South Pole 90S 000EW

Small-Scale Maps

Mare Vaporum and Equatorial Highlands 00NS 000EW
Mare Foecunditatis 00NS 050E
Mare Smythii 00NS 080E
Mendeleev 00NS 140E
Mare Imbrium and Serenetatis 30N 000EW
Mare Frigoris 50N 015W
Korolev and Hertzsprung 00N 145W
North Rim of the South Pole-Aitken Basin 25S 170W
South Pole-Aitken Basin 70S 170W

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