Earth Science (Earth SC 102) Notes and Visual Aids

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Power Point and Photographic Slides

Please Note: Not all slides or figures are presented. Slides and figures from outside sources that may present copyright problems are not available here. Slides may not match the order presented in class. Also, several slides may be combined into one image. Do not attempt to print these pages - you will consume a lot of cartridges and paper for no purpose.

Course Topic Notes and Graphics
Part I: The Solid Earth
How the Earth Works How the Earth Works
What the Earth is Made of Minerals
Water on the Earth Soils, Weathering and Groundwater
Landscape Evolution
Glaciers and Ice Ages Glaciers and Ice Ages
Glaciers and Geography
Earthquakes and Volcanoes Earthquakes
Mountain Building and Crustal Movements Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics
Mountain Building
A short history of the Earth Fossils and Geologic Time
Overview of Earth History
Plate Tectonics and Earth History
Energy from the Earth Energy
Part II: The Oceans
Ocean Currents and Tides The Oceans
Shorelines Shorelines
Part III: The Atmosphere
Basic Properties of the Atmosphere Clouds
Stuff in the Sky
Atmospheric Circulation and Weather Systems
Part IV: Earth in the Universe
The Solar System Life Cycles of Stars
The Stars as Seen from Earth
Stars and Galaxies Galaxies: Their Structure and Distances

Also of Interest:

Geology of Wisconsin: Geologic maps, geologic history, earthquakes.
History of the Great Lakes
How to Identify Rocks and Minerals

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