Steve Dutch University Stuff

Professor Emeritus (Geoscience), Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


earth sc-102 Introduction to Earth Science Syllabus    Notes
earth sc-202 Physical Geology Syllabus    Notes
Env SC-102 Introduction to Environmental Science Syllabus Notes  
Env SC/physics-141 Astronomy
Syllabus Notes
Env SC-142 Exploration of the Universe
Syllabus    Notes
Env SC-342 Environmental Geology   Notes  
Env SC-370 Emergence of Western Technology
Env SC-421 Soils and Geology of Wisconsin Field Trip Baraboo Range: Fall 2005
Northern Wisconsin and the UP: Spring 2006
Northeast Wisconsin: Fall 2006
Northwest Wisconsin and northern Minnesota: Spring 2007
Western Wisconsin: Fall 2007
Baraboo Interval Rhyolite and Quartzite: Spring 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin, Fall 2008
Iron Country and Pictured Rocks: Spring 2009
The Mississippi, Fall 2009
Michigan Copper Country, Spring 2010
Baraboo Range, Spring 2011
Penokean Orogen Transect, Fall 2011
Iron Country and Pictured Rocks: Spring 2012
Keeweenawan Rift and Northern Wisconsin: Fall 2012
Env SC-454: Remote Sensing and GIS Syllabus    
Env SC-499 Travel Course Costa Rica 2008    
earth sc-340 Rock and Mineral Resources Syllabus Notes  
earth sc-492: Crustal Movements (Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics)
Syllabus and Notes     Structural Geology Methods Manual   
earth sc-492 Special Topics in Earth Science: Crustal Materials
(Mineralogy - Petrology)
Syllabus    Notes  
earth sc-492 Geologic Field Methods Syllabus and Notes      
earth sc-492 Planetary Geology Syllabus and Notes    

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