Departure January 6, 1991

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Sad Farewells From Green Bay

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Will All Those Duffel Bags Fit?

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Green Bay to Anywhere Goes Via O'Hare

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Arrival at Fayetteville

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Arrival at Fort Bragg

Up at 0500 to catch a flight at 0700. The unit left in four groups, some from Green Bay and some bused to Milwaukee. My flight left at 0700 amid many tears and news people. After stops in Chicago and Charlotte, we arrived in Fayetteville about 1500. It was beautiful, sunny and about 60 degrees, but we would see very little weather that nice the rest of the time at Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg is down to about 5 per cent of its normal strength.

In the hope of finding a quiet spot, Wally Coyle and I share a 2-man cubicle on the second floor at the far end, with SSG Jeff Poh in the opposite cubicle. Most of the rest of the group took bunks on the first floor. When the rest of the flights came in and set up housekeeping, the second floor was nicknamed "the geriatric ward". In anticipation of the desert, I had brought along a pair of sunglasses I'd used in the Antarctic. I took them out to show Wally and a lens fell out and shattered on the floor. I just felt sick about it.

I called Shawn at 1830, then we had a meeting at 1930. It was just breaking up at 2100, when our trucks arrived; they had been driven down on commercial carriers. 1SG Gerlach called for 10 drivers, so I changed back into BDU's, only to be told that only four drivers were needed. However, it was expected that more drivers might be needed later on that night, so I slept in uniform. The last flight came in about midnight, but the drivers were never needed.

Our billets are in the 18th Airborne Corps NCO Academy, with bunks and nice wall lockers. Some units have been here since before Christmas with 80-100 in a building and no lockers. Our advance people did very well for us.

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