May 28-29, 1991: Return From the Mountains

Steven Dutch, Professor Emeritus, Natural and Applied Sciences, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Tue 28 May

We loaded out in the morning. Lt. Howells seemed sorry to see us go. He is an excellent officer. I showed Haney the new artifact sites, we visited C and A companies, then got in to Camp Redeye about 1300. SSG Max Mitchell was collecting field gear, which I was delighted to turn in, along with my weapon. Hooray! Then Bill Sieja and I walked out to the wadi beyond Camp 2, about a 4-mile round trip.

We had a meeting at 1745. Camp 3 will be consolidated into vacant spots in Camps 1 and 2. General Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is coming on Thursday for a short visit and tour, a remarkable thing for a task force as small as we are. Convoy assignments for the trip back to Turkey are posted. We are waiting on our final order; we expect to leave between June 1 and June 6, spend two weeks or so in Turkey, and be home around June 23 or so. A tape from Shawn came in the mail today.

Gulf War Image The boundary between dark and light rocks on the mountains is a thrust fault. At the far right of the nearby hill, the layers tilt sharply upward.
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Above: Poppies

Wed 29 May

We were supposed to perform vehicle wash in the morning but the arrangements fell through. I went over to Camp 2 to help out and spent the morning helping erect a school tent. The teachers wanted a parachute rigged up as a sunscreen to enclose a bigger play area, so I spent the rest of the afternoon figuring out how to rig it up. The strong wind didn't help a bit. The whole area was paved with "hersey mines"; the Kurds don't like latrines so close to their tents, so many of them defecate in the field. The schoolyard must have had 20 deposits. I finally decided the Kurds put it there, and they can clean it up if they don't like it.

After I got back in I typed up the report on our "archeological site". It's certainly an unusual incident; we'll see what the system does with it. (My guess, turn it over to the U.N.)

Full Moon over Camp Redeye

Gulf War Image Gulf War Image
Gulf War Image Next time I see a full Moon it will be at home. Nice thought.

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